Vindica Rebel Free Typeface Font

Vindica Rebel Free Typeface Font
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Download Vindica Rebel Typeface Font For Free.

Today’s typeface will blow your mind! It’s playful, it’s free, it’s dreamy, and it’s all you could ever ask for. If this typeface was a person, it would be a gypsy, running wild with the wind, dancing in the flames, untamed. So no wonder it’s called Vindica Rebel! A typeface with such lively spirit and energy deserves such name. Vindica will add a magical touch to your project and take your artwork into a whole new level! It’s perfect for branding projects, photography, movie titles, postcard design, poster design, cool print accessories (mugs, pillow cases, t-shirts, hoodies…), and web and app design. It will make any photo/medium look like it was touched by wild fairies. Vindica is available in OTF and TTF format, in a full set of uppercase letters, numerals, and punctuation marks.

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