Purchasing Premium Templates

We’ve Switched to Paddle Payment Processor for Our Digital Products!

We sell digital flyer templates, business posters and more photoshop templates. We just switched to a better gateway which processes payments for our products.

Download our products instant!

Once you purchase memberships, you can download any product for $0. Or if you bought any single product (psd template), you get access instant to download.

Starting in November 2019, our customers will be able to buy our digital templates through a new payment gateway, paddle.com. Paddle is in many ways better for us and for our customers compared to CreativeMarket, a processor/marketplace we’ve been using so far In these marketplaces we had to pay 50% commission for any sale + 30% Tax for US Customers, so we had to start selling directly from our site and here is where Paddle has helped us. Here are the most important highlights.

Better Support for Credit Card Payments

Pay with MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diner’s, Discover – without having to register for a Paypal account first.

(Our old payment processor was dependent on Paypal’s interface for credit card processing, and Paypal was forcing customers to register for a Paypal account first to get access to credit card payment. Not elegant, and probably costed us many lost transactions).

Pay with Paypal

Simply log into your Paypal account and buy as you normally would.

After your purchase, Paddle.com will send you a receipt in which there’s an option to generate an invoice.

Download the Product Immediately

This hasn’t changed: once you purchase, you will be given immediate access to the files for download. The link to the products is also present in the email receipt you get after the purchase, so you never lose your purchases.

Where I can find my downloads ?

You can find your single products at ‘My downloads‘ or if you are using Membership plan, you can check the status at My Membership page and download anything without limit for $0 !

If you need help with a purchase, come talk to us.


You can edit any product with Adobe Photoshop software. You don't have access in Photoshop? We now have a solutions. Click Here to read more.

If you are not familiar with Photoshop or you don't have access to use it, we have a Customization program. For a very small fee, you will get the same template but with your own text information, images, color preferences & more. You can even request to change colors based on your brand logo. Click Here to learn more.

Paddle.com​ is a global platform that helps online businesses as a payment provider and merchant of record. It’s completely safe and trusted by dozens of companies worldwide. More detail HERE.

You can definitely trust Paddle payment gateway. They are in this industry more than 5 years and supports around 40,000 sites & creators who use Paddle for online stores/websites. For More details, see this article.

Once you purchase $13.50 monthly, $81 for 6 months or $121 per year, you can get access to all our templates for free. Just select which item you want to use & download it. Note: Package of $13.50 per month is with limitation of 90 product downloads per month.

We offer support, please get in touch via contact form or in our e-mail address which is in our contact page.

Yes, we offer refund. Our prior task is 100% customer’s satisfaction. Check out refund process by clicking HERE.

Here you can find our business nature and why we switched to sell via Paddle for all Payments & Transactions. Click to read Article.