Request to Customize any Template or convert to Motion Video Effect.

Do you like one of our Templates but you can’t use it because Photoshop is not installed on your device or you are not familiar with it?

This is not an issue anymore! Any template that you want, now for a small fee we can customize it for you as a static jpg or video effect.

Steps for completing your project:

A Preview of the option for purchasing “Customization” services on

Purchase Customize service at the template product that you want to edit or turn into video effect.

Go to ‘My Orders‘ at your Account and click Send Requirements button.

Under the Order details, you have the Message area to send requirements; text, logo & other information that you want to add in template. From there, we will costumize & make revisions anytime you need.

Have more questions? See below.

Delivery time is within 20 hours or less.

Yes, we offer revisions if you need to make changes in template.

We will send the edited template in PNG, JPEG, PDF & PSD Format. For video, format is MP4 & AVI.

Yes, if you need to adjust colors, it is all fine. For the size, just mention in which size you need and we will resize it, eg: story size, facebook cover & any other size that you have requested. Note: From 1 quantity (QTY) you will get one custom size only.

Is this extra fee for New Design?

New designs and customized design are different from each other. The ‘customization‘ means that we will edit current template that you have bought, but you want to have your own content on that template. Example; If you like a ‘New year flyer’ template which is in our catalog for sale, then we can edit that flyer with your own content, but we cannot create complete new design exclusive for you.

See Examples; Our current flyer with customized text, images & more. You can also request to edit color theme & more.

Ready to work with us?

Why this can be useful to you ? – In the past we had a lot of requests from different customers that they love our templates and wants to use them, but because they are not familiar with Photoshop or don’t have access to it, they wasn’t able to use it. We have started to offer this service for as little as $5.00 extra per template.